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As the producers of the first-ever National Parade to honor our Men and Women who have served, we are deeply grateful to the many Veteran Service Organizations who have agreed to participate. Our Mission Statement for our Non-Profit, Volunteer Organization has been, and always will be, to bring recognition and public exposure to those who are doing the work at a grassroots level to provide support to the plight of Veterans and bring much-needed services to them as they reintegrate into society.

While we are close to reaching our goal of 50 total units participating, we continue to conduct outreach to Veterans Service Organizations. We are largely self-funded by Veterans and those who wish to support Veterans with individual donations.

We pledge to invite service-related organizations without any financial commitment, as we understand that many of you have limited resources to commit. We do ask that all participants share the Parade through outreach efforts and encourage all to attend.

There is no better way to thank Veterans for their service and honor the Solemn Oath they all take to defend the Constitution than to have the reviewing stand at the National Archives, where the Constitution holds its place of honor.

We hope all of you will find the time to honor our Veterans. There is no better way to say “Thank You for your Service” than to participate in attendance, contributions, and Parade Participation.

Francis Ventura
Executive Director National Veterans Foundation
ID # 92-2400150

1101 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Suite 450
Washington, DC 20036
[email protected]