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In a tribute to the organizations actively engaged in supporting our Veteran community, we extend our gratitude to Pets For Vets as one of the finest.

With 14 years of operation under their belt and a network of 70 trainers spread across the country, they have facilitated over 650 Veteran Pet Matches. They achieve this by collaborating with animal shelters and rescue organizations throughout the United States. What initially began as a simple act, with a young girl bringing her family pet to a VA Center, evolved into a realization of the profound connection that Veterans can establish with “Man’s Best Friend.”

Their approach, rooted in positive reinforcement training, focuses on fostering a “Super Bond” between a dog and a Veteran in need. This heartwarming mission is truly deserving of our support.

Our ongoing promotion of such organizations throughout the year is instrumental in raising awareness about the dedicated non-profit volunteers who recognize the significance of expressing gratitude to our Veterans for their service.

For further information on how you can contribute, please visit and generously support this remarkable non-profit that is making a meaningful difference in the lives of our Veterans.